Under 19 Basketball Tournament

Under 19 Basketball Tournament

The season of basketball ended at Yew Chung International School in Huangdao, China for the boys and girls on Saturday, March 9, 2019. The Qingdao Amerasia International School teams represented the best of our school community playing matches against quality opponents.

The boys ended their season with a tough game against Conficious International School Qingdao. Conficious is a tough team. Our boys held them to a score of 10 to 8 at the half. This is an impressive feat for our young boys’ team as we are building a solid program here at QAIS. The boys went on to lose the game against CISQ but played a second match against QISS. Our boys beat QISS in overtime with an amazing effort by all players. The boys showed heart and commitment to the program as they competed against bigger, tougher teams.

The girls ended their seasons playing three games to take 4th place overall. The girls first competed against the team from Pegasus California School Qingdao. Our team took a quick lead and never looked back on their way to victory. The girls then took on International School Qingdao and played a strong game. Our team gave their best effort but ultimately lost to ISQ, that would take first place overall. Our final game of the day, against YWIES ended with our earning 4th place. Our girls competed to the best of their ability but were outmatched by a taller stronger team.

Our boys and girls’ teams showed commitment, mental and physical toughness, and competitiveness throughout the season. At the end of the season, we showed the results of our hard work as a team. Our players competed with a positive attitude and commitment to the school. All athletes gave their best efforts in the tournament and we are proud of them. We look forward to the ongoing development of the program in the Spring U19 Football season and in athletics next year.