Qingdao Amerasia International School is proud to be aligned with organizations which represent global leadership in student-centered, international education. Each of our accreditations, authorizations, and affiliations represent a process of external evaluation, through which we have consulted with expert educators, brought our processes in line with best practices, and been determined to meet the organization’s standards.

Qingdao Amerasia International School is the only International Baccalaureate World School in China Shandong, and one of only seventeen schools in China to achieve authorization for the full IB Continuum of the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, and Diploma Programme. 

From the IBO website, www.IBO.org:

“IB programmes challenge students to excel in their studies, and encourage both personal and academic achievement.

IB hopes that their students will help to build a better world through intercultural understanding and respect.

The IB is different from other curricula because it:

  • encourages students to think critically and challenge what they are told
  • is independent of governments and national systems, and therefore able to incorporate best practice from a range of international frameworks and curricula
  • encourages students to consider both their local and international environment.

In order to teach IB programmes, schools must be authorized. Every school authorized to offer IB programmes is known as an IB World School.



Qingdao Amerasia International School is the only school in Asia to be accredited by the American Montessori Society, having earned this distinction for our Toddler and Early Childhood programs.

From the American Montessori Society website, www.amshq.org:

“The American Montessori Society is a vital professional organization dedicated to supporting quality Montessori education. Included among our members are approximately 1,200 Montessori schools.

Accreditation is a service provided to full-member schools by the American Montessori Society. It is a voluntary process that takes 1 to 2 years to complete.

Accreditation begins with an intensive self-study, by the school, involving the school’s entire community—students, staff, faculty, administration, board members, and parents.

During the application process, every aspect of the school is examined and documented, including governance, curriculum, fiscal and personnel policies, facilities, health and safety practices, teacher preparation, and learner outcomes.

At the end of the self-study period, a thorough onsite peer review is conducted. In addition to determining whether the school meets AMS standards, the review team evaluates the school to see how well it is achieving its own mission and goals—whether the school is what it says it is and does what it says it does.

After identifying both strengths and areas to strengthen, the school commits to a strategic plan for improvement that incorporates the recommendations of its peer review team.

All AMS accredited schools must maintain compliance with school accreditation standards and work toward continuous improvement. Each accredited school submits a yearly report outlining progress toward the objectives in its strategic plan.”

Please click here to download the evaluation criteria for AMS accreditation.


Qingdao Amerasia International School is a member of the Council of International Schools.

From the CIS website www.cois.org:

“The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a membership community committed to high quality international education.

As a global non-profit membership organisation, CIS provides services to primary and secondary schools, higher education institutions and individuals that share these ideals:

  • a desire to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens; and
  • a commitment to high quality international education.

To achieve this goal, our members must infuse their programmes and offerings with international and intercultural perspective so that students can move forward with the attitudes and understanding that will provide them with a solid base wherever their studies or work may take them.  Primary and secondary school members must further commit to undertaking an ongoing external quality assurance process to enhance student learning.

The CIS community includes more than 660 schools and 475 colleges and universities representing 109 countries. 


The Toddler and Early Childhood programs at Qingdao Amerasia International School are accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) is a voluntary, peer-based, non-profit association that performs peer evaluation and accreditation of public and private universities, colleges, secondary/high schools, and elementary schools in the United States and foreign institutions of American origin. It is one of the six regional accrediting organizations dating back 125 years, recognized by the United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Many of the world’s top international schools are accredited by MSA.