This week, DP2/Grade 12 students submitted final drafts of their Internal Assessments (IAs) in each subject area.  The IAs are research projects carried out independently by students based on topics chosen according to their interests and passions.  The assessments test students’ ability to analyze information, construct arguments, and solve problems creatively, challenging them to submit work at university-level quality. Topics explored by QAIS students included: “What type of spirographic mathematic basis is used in the interior portion of the marble roofed central dome inside Taj Mahal ?”, “How does the level of development in various districts of Qingdao influence the personal domestic water footprint?”, and “What are the most significant contributing factors of deforestation in Low Income Countries (LICs) and High Income Countries (HICs) from 2012 to 2017?”  to name a few. These knowledgeable, principled, internationally-minded inquirers have showcased their grit and dedication at a time of great difficulty to complete these rigorous assessments, and, in turn, their IB DP requirements in six subject areas.  We are so proud of our DP2 students, who have truly earned the right to be called “courageous global citizens.”  Well done, DP2!   Congratulations on achieving this great milestone!! 

"Knowledgeable, principled, internationally-minded inquirers have showcased their grit and dedication at a time of great difficulty to complete these rigorous assessments."

本周,DP2/12年级的学生提交了他们所有学科的内部评估论文(IA)。 IA 是学生根据个人热情和兴趣选择主题,独立开展的研究项目。 内部评估测试学生分析信息、构建论证和创造性解决问题的能力,论文需要达到大学研究水平。QAIS学生探讨的主题包括:”泰姬陵内部中央大理石圆顶使用了何种数学螺旋演算?” “青岛各城区的发展水平如何影响个人家庭用水量?” “2012年至2017年低收入国家和高收入国家导致森林砍伐的最重要因素是什么?”这只是一小部分例子。毕业论文阶段却经历艰难的疫情时期,我们知识渊博、有原则、具有国际视野的IB探究学者,以毅力和投入忘我的工作,根据IB DP要求完成了六个学科严格的主题论文。 我们深深为DP2的学生感到骄傲,他们是真正的”具有勇气的全球公民”。衷心祝贺我校的毕业生,完成了这个了不起的里程碑项目!!