Global Citizenship
Sharing the Planet

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), together with Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and the Extended Essay (EE), forms part of the IB Diploma Programme “Core,” and involves students in a range of activities alongside their academic studies. CAS provides opportunities for self-determination, perseverance, problem-solving, decision-making, and collaboration with others, fostering a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment from their work.

Service as Action

QAIS values opportunities for learners to work outside the classroom and commit to service projects in the local, national, and global communities. Furthermore, we believe acts of selfless service help students develop compassion and emotional maturity. In the MYP, students are required to participate in community and service-based activities. While the Service as Action (SA) Coordinator assists in finding and publicizing activities throughout each year, the students initiate their own activities with their mentors in their daily Advisory sessions. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to show personal initiative in choosing and developing engaging projects. IB Learners strive to be caring members of the human family who demonstrate a commitment to service – making a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment.

Week without Walls

As part of the Upper School’s IB curriculum, it is essential for students to be given the opportunity to experience learning in the classroom as well as outside of it. In our planned trips, through collaboration with WildChina*, students and teachers will go beyond the walls of school to learn, grow, and serve together.


Through these experiences we aim to:

· Promote the development and reflection of the IB Learner Profile attributes

· Challenge students to develop themselves physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually

· Develop relationships with peers and build community

· Promote sustainable development through the exploration of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

· Create authentic service experiences.


More about WildChina

Founded in 2000, WildChina Education is an award-winning travel company that curates experiential learning programs for the world’s leading institutions, including Harvard University. Their commitment to safety and sustainability, as well as their variety of high-quality excursions has made them Asia’s oldest and most established leader in experiential and creative educational travel.

MUN & World Scholar’s Cup

Students become deeply engaged in critical and contemporary world issues by assuming the role of ambassador or reporter. The MUN conferences are designed to meet the needs of students at their current stage of development. By working to solve real-world issues in a developmentally appropriate setting, students become active members of the world they will inherit as adults.


Students in MYP 1 – DP 2 participate in an international academic competition comprised of over 15,000 students from more than 65 countries to qualify for the Tournament of Champions held at Yale University each year. This unique competition celebrates the joy of learning and provides an enriching opportunity for students to demonstrate their existing strengths and discover new ones. Students are tested on their knowledge of six subject areas: history, art and music, literature and media, science and technology, social studies, and a special area. They compete in a team debate, collaborative writing exercise, team quiz, and individual multiple-choice tests.


QAIS is a proud member of ISTA—a passionate, culturally diverse, collaborative, celebratory, playful, friendly, and collegial community of young people, teachers, and artists. QAIS students travel to various ISTA festivals throughout the world to engage with peers while confronting global issues and themes through artistic and dramatic activities designed to inspire, leave lasting memories, and transform the lives of everyone who takes part.

School Events

QAIS aims to cultivate an inclusive and vibrant community through engaging and inspiring events throughout the year. QAIS hosts more than 300 events from Toddler to DP 2 throughout the year, and comes together annually for full school events, which promote inclusivity and foster a sense of belonging in all members of the Amerasia family.

iConnect and TEDx
Internships • Inspiration • Professional Experiences

To support students in grades 9-12 with hands-on, practical experiences to enrich their learning and supplement their applications to universities, Amerasia iConnect provides access to internships, mentoring opportunities, and visits to corporations and industries. Combining their strengths and interests, students enter professional work environments, understand and seek ways to solve real-world problems, and explore innovative methods of improving society through reflection, creativity, and action. iConnect internships take place during weekends and holidays over the course of 3-4 years, providing coherent practical projects that prepare students to choose a university major aligned with their passions and goals.

Amerasia TEDx is a platform for inspirational leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, and senior managers from all industries in Qingdao and beyond to bring their unique perspectives, life experiences, and expertise to Amerasia students, while broadening their minds, and encouraging them to follow their dreams.


QAIS continually seeks professionals and businesses who can offer presentations and internships in Qingdao and beyond to our IB high school students.  As our honorary partner, we will recognize and appreciate your company or institution in our yearbook, WeChat posts, and full school events, and display your corporate logo on the Amerasia Honor Wall.  Your business or institution, as well as your personal story, will be part of an inspiring campus culture for years to come.  We invite you to join iConnect as we work together to pave the road for our leaders of tomorrow.  Please contact Comine Howe, Director of Marketing, Communications, and College Counseling at, or Luo Min, Administrative Director, at, if you have any questions.

College Counseling & Future Readiness
Preparing to serve humanity and our planet

The Amerasia College Counseling Program empowers students to take ownership of their college application journey through the Appreciative Inquiry © cycle of Discover, Dream, Design, and Deliver. The two-year course explores the individual’s natural talents, interests, and passions to discover a ‘best fit’ university and major, through self-discovery activities, personality tests, Appreciative Interviews, and analysis of student grades, extra-curricular activities, service, and passion projects. Students become familiar with university requirements through Unifrog, a digital researching platform, and are supported to create robust portfolios, write persuasive personal statements and supplemental essays, and master the technical aspects of the application process.

Phoenix Art Academy
Aims to nurture artistic skill in the younger generation

Amerasia’s Phoenix Art Academy aims to nurture artistic skill in the younger generation and prepare them for study in an overseas art academy or university, where they can major in art-related fields and prepare for their careers.

Amerasia Global Youth Scholarship
Supporting deserving international scholars to experience Amerasia

QAIS aims to attract talented students from all six inhabitable continents.

The Amerasia Global Youth Scholarship program deepens the international mindedness of our student body while simultaneously supporting the human and academic needs of deserving students from around the world. As quoted by Maria Montessori, “The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”

The program will focus on promoting cross cultural understanding by recruiting students from outside of China. This small act is yet another example of how we, as a community of global citizens, can leave a more prosperous world for the next generation by planting seeds of peace and watching the ripple effects as our students develop the mindsets of community action, intercultural understanding, and respect for all life.

The Amerasia Global Youth Scholarship will support academically gifted international students whose financial realities often disqualify them from a quality education, thus limiting their potential for upward mobility. The program will provide students the chance to join the Amerasia community and graduate from the IB DP program, the most rigorous academic program in the world, with the goal of preparing and launching them into top international institutions of higher education. Due to the rigor and creativity of the Amerasia experience, we anticipate and expect our program alumni to harness and apply their newfound skills at university and in their careers as internationally minded global leaders.

If you are an international scholar and would like to learn more about our IB DP Scholarship Program, Please email:

Donations and Support
Support facilities development to accomplish our mission toward NetZero

QAIS willingly accepts donations that are used to provide scholarship opportunities to deserving students and to support the development of our school and academic program. Your philanthropic commitment to Amerasia will make a direct impact on daily life at QAIS, provide equal educational opportunities to those in financial need, and further position Amerasia as an educational institution of excellence.

Your generous donation will be distributed among the following three funds, as needed: 

  • The Phoenix Fund
  • Amerasia Youth Scholarship Fund
  • Green Campus Fund

For questions about our development campaigns, please contact :

Lulu Xu - Executive Assistant and Events

Self-Actualize. Self-Transcend.

... and help light the world by becoming the best possible versions of ourselves.

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