1. Where are you currently & how long have you been there continuously?  
你目前在哪里 ? 你在那里多久了?  

I’m currently in Qingdao, and have been here for the whole break. I didn’t travel anywhere.  

2. What is it like being there currently?  

Honestly, there isn’t much of a difference from being here without the virus. It is just we can’t really go anywhere outside of our compound.  

3. What does your daily routine look like currently? 

Its usually : wake up and start working with breaks for meals in between and I normally don’t finish until around 5-6 pm. Sometimes I go outside to keep healthy.  

4. What is one of the funniest things that has happened recently?   

Nothing funny has really happened as I have been following the same routine for the past couple of weeks.  

5. What are you currently studying via distance learning?  

I’m studying all the subjects that I normally study in school.  

6. What has been something positive to come out of this experience of ‘quarantine’?  

More time for me to practice things like guitar, and play video games sometimes.  

7. What has been something the negative to come out of this experience of ‘quarantine’?  

Everything is closed, so it can get really boring as there isn’t that much to do. And staying at home feels kind of stuffy. 到处都关门,没什么可以做的,真的挺无聊的。在家呆着很闷。 

8. What is the first thing you are going to do when you get back to school?   

Get a haircut… my hair is growing too long and also greet my friends. Life’s kind a dull without Carson making me laugh.  

9. What is your advice for a family only returning to Qingdao now?   

There isn’t really any need to panic, just be careful and avoid interaction with people besides your family and do some research about the virus because it will help you be more informed.  

10. Which experience, prior to the current situation, has prepared you mentally for this current challenge you are facing?  

I don’t think I have faced anything that mentally could have prepared me for this. I have never dealt with something where everything had to be closed. I think just meditating helps me with my patience and understanding of the whole issue.