QAIS held literacy week this year from March 11th through 15th and the theme was “Stories Bring Us Together.” The shared community love of reading and all things words could be felt throughout the school in a myriad of ways. Some of the highlights of the week were as follows: Every morning saw students of all ages, teachers, and staff gathered in the lobby for fantastic poetry readings in a variety of languages and performance styles including even an alligator head!

QAIS 于 3 月 11 日至 15 日成功举办主题为“故事让我们在一起”的阅读周活 动。

无处不在的读书氛围和对阅读的热情,洋溢在校园的每一个角落,让我们一 起欣赏活动中的精彩桥段:

每天清晨,汇集着各个年级的孩子、老师和工作人员在大厅里相约而见,开 始用不同语言朗读诗歌并进行精彩的演绎,其中甚至还有鳄鱼头的惊喜表演!

  The whole school contributed to a story that the toddlers began and the 11th grade concluded. Each class was given time to add four to five sentences to the story. It was a resounding success and was read out loud at the full school assembly Thursday afternoon. Stay tuned for the printed version! Once a day a song was played over the intercom to announce Drop Everything and Read where no matter what you are doing, you are to stop, and pick up a book and read for ten minutes. Everyone enjoyed the quiet time and wanted it to happen every day from now on!
一个校园故事在全校师生的通力合作下编撰完成,从蹒跚学步的小小班孩子 到 11 级的老生都为这个故事贡献了四到五句情节,并在周四下午的全校大 会上讲述了这个充满了伟大的故事。敬请期待故事的印刷版! 每天不定时段,广播里都会响起一段旋律,无论你此时在哪里、在做什么,请 放下手中的一切,拿起一本书,阅读十分钟!每个人都很享受这段安静的时 光,并希望从现在开始长此以往!

Drop Everything and Read | 放下所有东西,阅读

  Our guest storyteller, Megan Hicks delighted students ranging from Bamboo Cottage to the 10th grade. She mesmerized her audience with age-appropriate fables and origami storytelling. We were honoured to host her.
我们的特邀阅读嘉宾 Megan Hicks 为小小班至 10 年级的学生们带来了精彩 演说,她用适合每个年龄段的寓言和折纸故事吸引了所有的观众。她的出席 让我们深感荣幸!

Megan Hicks, Guest Storyteller | Megan Hicks,客座讲书人

  QAIS had a terrific literacy week. Students came together for multiple events including the full school assembly and a Friday literacy carousel. Parents were invited for a Pleasure of Reading workshop and an open house at the library. Stories truly bring us together, here at QAIS.
QAIS 精彩绝伦的“阅读周”圆满落幕,在此期间学生们相聚参加了诸多活动, 包括全校分享会和周五的识字传送带。家长们也专门被邀请参加了此次活动 的阅读工作坊及图书馆开放日。在 QAIS,故事真的让我们走到一起。