The aim of the scholarship program is to deepen the international mindedness of our student body while simultaneously supporting the human and academic needs of deserving students from around the world. As quoted by Maria Montessori, “The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”

 美亚全球青少年奖学金项目(AGYSP)的目标是深化我们学生群体的国际情怀,同时支持 来自世界各地优秀学生的人文和学术需求。正如玛丽亚·蒙特梭利(Maria Montessori)所 说,“孩子既是人类的希望,也是人类的承诺。


Currently accepting applications for 2023

About the Program 关于本项目

The program will focus on promoting cross cultural understanding by recruiting students from six continents. This small act is yet another example of how we, as a community of global citizens can leave a more peaceful world for the next generation by planting seeds of peace and watching the ripple effects as our students develop the mindsets of community action, intercultural understanding, and respect for all life.

该项目将通过招收来自全球六大洲的学生来促进跨文化理解。这一小小的行动,又一次证 明了,作为一个全球公民的社区,我们可以通过培养学生的社区行动、跨文化理解和尊重 所有生命,播下和平的种子,从而产生涟漪效应,为下一代创造一个更加和平的世界

AGYSP will support academically gifted international students whose financial realities often disqualify them from a quality education, thus limiting their potential for upward mobility. The program will provide students the chance to join the Amerasia community and graduate from the IB DP program, the most rigorous academic program in the world, with the goal of preparing and launching them into top international institutions of higher education. Due to the rigor and creativity of the Amerasia experience, we anticipate and expect our program alumni to harness and apply their newfound skills at university and in their careers as internationally minded global leaders.


美亚全球青少年奖学金项目将支持那些因家庭财务状况无法接受优质教育的各国学术优 异的国际学生,来到中国就读美亚外籍人员子女学校,获得 IB-DP 国际文凭。IB-DP 是世 界上最严格的大学预科学术课程,其目标是为进入顶尖的国际高等教育机构作准备。我们 期待毕业生能因为在美亚严谨的 DP 学习体验,而拓展他们成为具有国际视野全球领导者 的职业愿景。


The Amerasia Global Youth Scholarship supports students ages 16-18 to study the IB Diploma Program at Qingdao Amerasia International School, the first IB World School in Shandong Province, China. The funds raised will be the financial resource that sponsors the student for all expenses in Qingdao, including accommodation, food, international airfare, visa application, and health insurance. Amerasia will provide the full IB DP tuition for the student scholars.


Qingdao, China Qingdao Amerasia International School, Qingdao, Shandong, China


• January 1, 2023: Open Admission

• June 1, 2023: Closed Admissions

• August 1, 2023: Arrival to Qingdao, China

• August 28, 2023: School Starts


• Ages 16-18 (Incoming G10 and G11)

• Current GPA of 3.8 or above.

• English Language Fluency

• Family Income Tax report. All students must meet financial aid benchmarks in their home country.

• School recommendation letters

• School transcripts for 3 years

• Personal Statement to include a proposal or idea of a service project or social venture that you will launch and run-in association with the Amerasia Community.

• No-Criminal record

• Parent/Caregiver Commitment and consent letter supporting their child in joining Amerasia in Qingdao, China.

• Commitment to studying in Qingdao for the full two-year DP program.

• Willingness to achieve Chinese language proficiency

The Amerasia Global Youth Scholarship Program addresses the following United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 美亚全球青少年奖学金项目致力于实现以下联合国可持续发展目标(SDGs):

1: No Poverty 消除贫困

4: Quality Education 优质教育

8: Good jobs and Economic Growth 体面工作和经济增长

10: Reduced Inequality 减少不平等

17: Partnership for the Goals 促进目标实现的伙伴关系


“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.” -Maria Montessori 

We appreciate contributions of all shapes and sizes and know full well that lives will transformed because of your generosity.


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Please contact Ian Hutchison for additional information regarding our Youth Scholarship Programs and opportunities to support our global scholars.


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